April 9, 2009

Carrickfergus – trad. Irish – Holly’s version


April 19, 2008

128: Laser Cut J5 Aluminium Tracksides

Hi there this video shows the track sides that have been laser cut on my behalf over in america from the cad drawings that i created as you can see they are looking realy great if you would like to see how great all this looks assembled then check out my friends profile over on youtube under wizojoz thanks regards Richard

April 16, 2008


Hi there this is a short video i shot earlier in the evening or more appropriately yesterday evening because its now 2:26am here 🙂 this video shows the RFID unit which ive received this video shows me evaluating it and im pretty pleased with it, its cheap seems to work well and will be cost effective…

Quadrant’s First Blog Post

April 7, 2008

Hi there this is my first ever blog, ive never done this before i usually only post videos to Youtube under the username quadrant2005 my videos can be found at http://www.youtube.com/quadrant2005